Cardinal Station is the landing page for the Catholic University enterprise resource planning (ERP) and related systems that are used by the campus community to conduct University administrative functions. One or more of systems described below are used regularly by students, faculty and staff as we learn, instruct and engage in the University's academic and administrative activities. Select a system on this page to learn how you might use it in your role. Please also find other helpful links in the navigation section.
  • Cardinal Students

    Cardinal Students is the University's student information system.


    • Add/Drop Classes
    • View Class Schedule
    • Check Grades
    • View/Accept Financial Aid
    • Use CardinalPay
    • Update Bio/Address


    • View Class Roster
    • View Grade Rosters
    • Post Grades
    • Manage Advisees


    • Enter Applications
    • Process Financial Aid
    • Manage Student Careers
    • Bill Students
    • Graduate Students
  • Cardinal Faculty and Staff

    Cardinal Faculty and Staff is the University's Human Resources and Payroll system.


    • Review and Update Home Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Emergency Contacts, Legal Name
    • Review and Update Voluntary Self-Identification Forms: Race and Ethnicity, Veteran Status, Disability
    • Review Paycheck and Compensation History
    • Submit W-4 Changes and View and Request W-2 Forms
    • Review Training Summary

    Managers: View For Your Direct Reports

    • Job Information
    • Personal Information
    • Compensation History
    • Leave Accrual Balances
    • Training Summary
  • Cardinal Financials

    Cardinal Financials is the University's financial system.

    Managers and Employees

    • Review Budgets
    • Run Financial Reports and Queries
    • Submit and Approve Requisitions
    • Receive Goods and Services
    • Review Purchase Orders
  • Cardinal Hire

    Cardinal Hire is the University's human resources hiring system.


    • Initiate Request for Position
    • Track the Progress of a Position
    • Approve Position/Candidate
    • Select Candidate for Open Positions
    • Schedule Interviews
    • Post Hiring Documents


    • All Recruiting Activities


    • All Administrative Tasks


    Candidates: View University job listings