Cardinal Students Upgrade Coming This Weekend! 


Cardinal Students will be upgraded to version 9.2 over the weekend of March 8-10.  It will go off-line on Friday, March 8, at 6 PM.  It will be back up on Monday, March 11, at 9 AM.  There will be no administrative access nor self-service access for faculty, students, and applicants.  Password resets and MSPS/Summer admissions applications will also be off-line during this service period.  

Cardinal Faculty and Staff and Cardinal Financials will be available over this weekend.

Cardinal Students

Student Information System

Cardinal Faculty and Staff

HR-Payroll System


Cardinal Financials

Financial System


Hiring System


  • Add/Drop Classes
  • View Class Schedule
  • Check Grades
  • View/Accept Financial Aid
  • Use CardinalPay
  • Update Bio/Address 


  • Review and Update: Home Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Emergency Contacts, Legal Name
  • Voluntary Self-Identification Forms: Race and Ethnicity, Veteran Status, Disability
  • Review Paycheck and Compensation History
  • Submit W-4 Changes and View / Request W-2 Forms
  • Review Training Summary


Managers and Employees

  • Review Budgets
  • Run Financial Reports and Queries
  • Submit and Approve Requisitions
  • Receive Goods and Services
  • Review Purchase Orders


  • Initiate Request for Position
  • Track the Progress of a Position 
  • Approve Position/Candidate 
  • Select Candidate for Open Positions
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Post Hiring Documents


  • All Recruiting Activities


  • View Class Roster
  • View Grade Rosters
  • Post Grades
  • Manage Advisees
  • Update Bio/Address data

 Managers - View Your Direct Reports

  • Job Information
  • Personal Information
  • Compensation History
  • Leave Accrual Balances
  • Training Summary




  • All Administrative Tasks

Note: For information regarding, and to Apply for, Open Positions please use the link below


  • Enter Applications
  • Process Financial Aid
  • Manage Student Careers
  • Bill Students
  • Graduate Students






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